Agricultural Electric Fence Products

Since 1995 Pakton has been focused on the niche area of Electronics for Electric Fences. We do not sell retail - we sell to others in the industry who in turn wholesale or retail our products. We have a proven record for providing electronics for some of the biggest brands in the industry. We can tailor designs to suit the price range and performance requirements of any target market. While we prefer to manufacture in Australia we can also arrange for manufacture in lower labor cost regions like China. In addition to our custom design services, we also offer OEM private labelling/badging services for our existing products.

Some examples of our work can be seen below. Note: the labels shown are for illustrative purposes only, they are typically customised for individual customers.

Electric Fence Energisers

Pakton manufactures a full range of agricultural electric fence energisers, covering a variety of applications.

The 'Mini-Me' Range

This range of electric fence energisers consists of our small to medium units and is available in two different style cases. Power options include: 110-240VAC mains, 12VDC Battery or Mains-Battery via an external power pack. We can configure this design for between 0.5 and 4.5 Joules peak output. This range also includes a 0.2 Joule solar unit.

Pakton specialises in OEM manufacture of electric fence appliancesMini-Me case option 2

The 'Cruiser' Range

This range consists of Pakton's larger energisers: 8 Joule and 12 Joule units available in 110-240VAC mains, 12VDC Battery or Mains-Battery via an external power pack. This range includes our 0.5 Joule solar unit

JVA Branded 'Cruiser' Energisers

PET Energiser

The PET Energiser is a 12VDC powered 0.1 Joule portable unit. With a small, rugged design it is ideal for strip grazing and pet control. Like the MM and Criuser cases this design is available for private labelling with your brand though MOQ's and setup costs may apply.

Pakton's PET100 Energiser

Electric Fence Fault Finders and Accessories

Pakton began with the invention of the first directional electric fence fault finder, the Electric Fence Power Probe ®. That device is now sold in almost every electric fence market in the world under a dozen different brands. Product details

We manufacture a range of other accessories, including lightning diverters, and solar regulators.