Introducing the IP Energizer ®

Pakton's IP Energizers® are the next generation electric fence products. As the name suggests, they connect via TCP/IP to the Internet to allow remote control and monitoring of your electric fence from where ever you are. There are two types available: Agric energizers which are used with the IP Energizer Controller App and Security Energizers which link via Nimbus Gateways to Pakton's Cloud Router™.

Agric IP Energizers®

Pakton is proud to release the first of these products to the Agric market at the Mystery Creek Field days, Hamilton New Zealand in June 2016. For a live demonstration please see

Security IP Energizers®

For a higher level of security and more features, our Security IP Energizers® connect to our Cloud Router™. The Cloud Router is advanced server side software which allows registered and authenticated users to control their energizers via a Web based interface on a PC, Tablet or smart phone.
A group of Pakton security energizers may be connected to a GSM, LAN or Wi-Fi gateway.

For more information contact us.

IP Energizer ® Cloud Service Banner

Monitor and control your site using your favourite tablet or phone

Key Features

Area Description
Setup Connect your devices to the Cloud Router by using a GSM Nimbus Gateway
Registration Login to the Cloud Router web site, create an account and register your Nimbus Gateway by entering its serial number
Mobile Friendly Use the Cloud Router from your PC, tablet or phone
Remote Control Arm or disarm your site from anywhere in the world
Get Alarms Get alarms sent to your phone via email or SMS as soon as it happens
Get Peace of Mind Check the voltage, alarms or inputs/outputs for your site from anywhere, anytime
Investigate Historical Site Events Every user event, fence voltage or input/output change is captured in a filtered event log
Share your Sites Sites can be shared to other Cloud Router accounts with either admin or user permissions